Equipment & Training

Personal Equipment

Each member will be given an itemized list of certain personal and team equipment which they must procure and maintain. This equipment is necessary to the performance of one's duties, personal sustenance and hygiene; and shall be maintained, packed and ready for deployment at all times. A 30 minute or shorter departure capability is strongly recommended. Each member shall bring with them enough food rations and water to sustain them during meetings, training and camp musters.

Field Training Exercises

Periodic assemblies, musters and meetings are necessary and shall be called to achieve the overall goals of the ERG. Regular monthly meetings shall be conducted. Members must discipline themselves to schedule and set aside time each month for musters and assembly for such purposes as field training exercises. Members will be notified of such dates, times, and places of all meetings in advance. While it is intended that the ERG intrude as little as possible in the lives of its members, it is clear that individual members are volunteers who must be ready to meet periodically and to deploy as need arises. It will be the objective of Board of Directors to infringe as little as possible on the time of its members, recognizing the responsibilities of family and job.

Weapons and Ammunition (optional)

Each member is encouraged to provide and maintain their own weapons, stocks of ammunition and deployment gear. Members are required to remain proficient in the maintenance and safe operation of their weapon. Only in self-defense or during properly supervised training sessions will a member discharge their weapons. All members are expected to abide by all Washington State firearm regulations.