Membership in the 3SV-ERG is open to all lawful citizens of the United States and the State of Washington, and all other able-bodied persons who are legal residents of the United States and the State of Washington living in residence of the Snoqualmie Valley and its adjacent cities. Members must be free of any court pending charges, and have no record of domestic violence, assault charges or felonies. It is required that all members are in possession of a valid Concealed Pistol License (CPL) issued by the State of Washington, or in the process of obtaining such a license. If you do not wish to have a concealed pistol license you may log-on to the Washington State Patrol's website at: and submit for a background check. A copy must be presented with your Membership Application package. .A background check must be completed and documentation submitted every five years.

Membership is 100% voluntary.


All prospective members shall be required to give their name, date of birth, address, contact information, next of kin, information about any health issues and required medication, and general information detailing prior military experience and/or other such civilian skills as may be utilized by the 3SV-ERG. All such information shall be kept private under all circumstances, and destroyed in the event of crisis; and shall be used for no other purpose than the internal business of the 3SV-ERG.

Please fill out the 3SV-ERG membership bio form, and send a copy to As soon as we receive your form, we will add your name to our contact list for upcoming meetings and events.


Membership Dues: $40.00 per year. Membership dues are used to procure equipment and food stocks for emergency purposes only and will be distributed to 3SV Members in time of crisis.


New members will be required to be paid in full within their first 30 days after submitting their membership application, Code of Conduct, Waiver of Liability and provide either a valid Concealed Weapons Permit or a Washington State Patrol background Check. If membership dues and required paperwork are not provided within the 30days your name will be removed from the roster.

Renewal of membership is due by the January Meeting


We do not prorate new membership fees. 


NOTE: Returned check fee $25