Our Mission

To build upon like-minded individuals for the safety and security of the residents of Washington State that reside within the Snoqualmie Valley and its adjacent population centers. Through education, training and communication, we will make our community safer, stronger and better prepared to respond to threats of disasters, neighborhood crime, and acts of terrorism.

The 3sv-erg shall provide a location to those residents who require limited emergency shelter, medical assistance, potable water, power generation for small items and amateur radio communications. In case of an emergency these services are on a first come first serve basis.


The vision of the 3SV-ERG is to create an organization that ensures the safety, timely and effective response to any emergency through education and training.


To this end we will:

• Support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and of   Washington State, and abide by the laws of Washington State.

• Train and maintain the skills and items necessary to support the       community in times of disaster or defense.

• Maintain readiness in support of rights and liberties, to secure our free  state.

Our purpose is to educate and protect our citizenry under the principles of the Bill of Rights. All are welcome to the knowledge of emergency preparedness/response, and protection of one's life and liberty.



To this end, we will not:

• Agitate or create emergencies.

• Be an aggressor or instigate provocative behaviors.

• Replace law enforcement, local governments or emergency personnel.

• Commit crimes in the course of our duties.

Core Values

In the course of events it is imperative that we conduct personal and team activities such that we promote honor and respect to both 3SV-ERG and our communities.

• I am a resident of the State of Washington, serving in the 3 Snoqualmie Valley Emergency Response Group (3SV-ERG). I am prepared to assist, protect, and guard my state and group.

• I will keep and maintain the uniform, equipment, and arms necessary to perform the duties prescribed for the 3SV-ERG, and will be prepared to mobilize quickly.

• I am responsible for my actions and dedicated to the principles that made this country free. I will strive to lead an exemplary life and never, by action or statement, bring discredit to the 3SV-ERG.

• I will stand by or come to the aid of any 3SV-ERG members with whatever means necessary and without question or concern for my own well-being to ensure safety and due process of law as stated in the Constitution.

• I will never misuse my position in the 3SV-ERG for financial or personal gain, nor will I engage in any activity subversive to the 3SV-ERG or legal entities therein.

• I will refrain from excessive behaviors in consumption of alcohol and other legal substances while in public, and shall maintain complete sobriety while training on duty hours or deployed; and conduct myself to zero tolerance of illegal substances at all times.

• I will not accept harassment, discrimination, derogatory language, or actions in regards to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, age, disability, or sexual orientation/gender identity.

• I will endeavor to hold high: My Beliefs, My Family, My Country, and My Team at all times.