Why You Should Start Preparing For The Unknown

As we have seen in recent weeks in the Gulf States with hurricanes and now earthquakes in Mexico and California, it is imperative that you have the necessary items to sustain you and your family for a minimum of 30 days. Those that believe First Responders will help you or that grocery stores keep an ample supply are foolish. The only person you can expect to look after you, is you. It doesn't take much to start gathering the items you need. If you have money and plenty of storage space then by all means, those that don't, you can start as low as $20/month. Buy items that your family will eat, get an extra flat of water each time you go to the store and you will see how quickly you can amass a good supply.

Talk to friends, join a group and learn as much as you can, those that have been doing this for awhile know that there are strength in numbers. Please keep in mind that grocery stores only have a three day supply so if you think you are going to run down to the corner store, you have another thing coming. In a SHTF scenario you will see the worst in people so be ready to defend what you have. First Responders will not stop to assist you, they are going to take care of their own family first and attend to much larger emergencies. Be Prepared, Remain Diligent and keep a good supply of ammunition.

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