Bug out Bag v. Get Home Bag

With all the BLOGs out there and an infinite amount of information we as the Snoqualmie Valley Emergency Response Group feel that a Get Home Bag is much more prevalent than a Bug out Bag. The chances of you grabbing a bag with only 3 days worth of provisions and heading to the hills is not a smart idea. First of all where are you going to go? Do you know how to hunt, skin an animal, know what to look for in a diseased animal? If not, stay home. People who head to the hills to survive will more than likely kill all the animals they can find and the majority of the food will spoil before they get a chance to eat any of it. Living in the Pacific Northwest where wildlife is abundant will dry up quickly, then what do you do? Building a Get Home Bag has some of the same contents of a BoB but not nearly as much. Your primary concern is to get home. If you work in the city and live outside the area pack your bag to get you home. Again, living in the Pacific Northwest we are surrounded by water, those that work in Seattle and have to cross Lake Washington may have to plan on another way home due to the bridges being impassable. Don't wait until the last minute to figure other ways across the lake, start now, stay alert and plan for the worst. In short, get home and stay there for at least 30 days until things either calm down or if you do need to bug out you will have a better idea of what to expect.

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